Cloud 8​.​9

by Andre Mariette

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Cloud 8.9 is the first Self-Produced, Mixed, & Recorded Studio Album from Andre Mariette with guest features from Dem Atlas & Megan Hamilton due out for digital download on 4/20/15 independently. The album has been 5 years in the making with over 90 songs made but only 14 picked for the final version of the album. Covering a multitude of styles that range from Soul to Boom Bap but all holding a certain "Southern Bounce" that seems to be common in most of the Instrumentals and melodic verses it's sure to be an album that can reach everyone from the casual to the most avid Hip Hop listeners.


released April 20, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, & Produced by Andre Mariette @ Timbral Studios. Mastered by Wesley Opus. Additional Female Vocals & Violin by Jenessa Lasota. Live bass on Track #4 & #12 by Alex Platt.



all rights reserved


Andre Mariette Minneapolis, Minnesota

Producer, Emcee and Audio Engineer residing in Minneapolis, MN working out of Timbral Studios. For Production, Studio Time, Booking, Collabs, Etc. send inquiries to

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Track Name: I Aint Worried
I ain't trippin'
I'm just tryna give you my reasons
I ain't gifted
Get this
From my mind
And life that I'm leading
these lines divide us unevenly
Pride'll hide that whole need to eat
Until finally fine
Yeah I down to ride
To find peace so please
Think before the speaking
I drink on every weekend
Some shit
One day
Imma need to quit
Then the weed is next
I'm not kiddin
Tryna find a way
to get Purified
Fly away
On the purest high
Fuck man made
That mandates
Yo handshake
And them Wall Street buyers
Yeah we call them liars
Cover ups
While the cops teach violence
I wonder when a stops incited
How much of a problem
Will that cause rising
I'm calling my raps advising
While caught in this appetizing
Planet of animals
Added with annual
Chances of having thoughts decided

Ain't got money for my rent
Spent my dollars on a dream
But I never even slept

I ain't worry bout it x 4

Ain't got money
Not a cent
Spent my dollars on some honey
But she stung me in the end
Ain't worried bout
Huffin puffin
Just to feed ya own ego
I dot trust em
make me feel like we equal
I choose to speak for my people
I used to live in straight fecal
I used to give a good speech
Tho I never had the walk
to back that up
See so
How ya gonna change it
Doin the same thing
That's hypocritical
I'm not into typical statements
Livin so slavish
Killin yo neighbors
Thinking who made us
Trippin to Vegas
Stripping for paper
Pimpin out ladies
Freakin Mercedes
Quitting cause lazy
Splits on baby
Skipping on raising it
That's that shit
That'll make me sick
That's the shit
That'll make me switch
My TV off
With no need to talk
to nobody Else
But this 8th of spliff
Track Name: Then Again
Like to thank last night
Think you owed a drank
It's either pass out
Or I over think
The world ain't over.
But we on the brink
So I spend my money like an open bank
I ain't Oprah Winfrey
I aint hope to win Free
That's a whole lotta green
Ye ain't gon convince
That a minimum wage
Getting rid of yo chains
So I'm filling my cup till its
killin my pain...

Can I refraise?!
Filling my cup
Till its killin my brain
Kiddin myself
Ain't any cobane
Ain't worried bout hell
Ain't worried bout fate
Ain't worried bout face
When we both are blurry
Cover my fake
With a cup of bourbon
Cousin I can't
be a crutch Or burden
When there's such uncertainty
With whatcha learnin
I toss and turn
Losing sleep
Im counting drinks
While you using sheep
I'm used to saying I
Booze to be
booze to fix my blues
It's the latter of the matter
I ain't mad
at the whole world
It's the drink, not manners
gon' cause some complications
Till I'm blacked out
Will ya
Gimma what I want
Gimme what I need
Stop giving me the red light
All I want is green
I can find some sheets that
We should be between
But for now let's keep it to
A bit of serenity
I'm a bit of a better breed
Butter it better be
Fuck all that margarine
Problems and bartering
Bartender already knew
From the walking in
Alcohol orders are
all that I call a friend

1 shot 2 shots then again(deep)

Tired of holding this bottle
With this weight
I'll wait till it drops

Said goodbye
Don't wake me tomorrow
But your there to help me throw up

Asking why do I stay around
let this liqour lay me down
Lead me to inebriation
Lemme stay and fake a smile

1 shot 2 shot then again

What's it fin to be
Treated like a movie
Cause I never know the endin scene
Might enter wit Indo
But exit through window
If anyone here
starts offending Freedom
I bet I won't feed em
Eyes off my pie
Travel through audio
Portable high
Poor man imported
From no where important
I pour out some liquor
With porcelain pride
Morning ritual
More habitual
More a bitch
Than any dick
Or chick you know
Moral isn't don't
more it is to cope
Gotta pick ya own liquid
To lift the boat
Looking out my optics
Losing fockus
I mean focus
Foolish notions
I ain't so sick
no one calls it overdosing
So its
Just another night that I passed out
Put it my mind
That its past now
Fuck a pastor couldnt patch me up
Ive had plans to axe that
For a while now
Got 9 clouds
I live on 8
When life is sour
Make lemonade
Then add a bit of dry gin to it
Dive into it
I could tell ya
That's my mistake
I got problems
ever getting guidance
No prodding
Better keep it silent
I'm a plane been left on auto pilot
My brain been fine
Wit dat fly shit
No lie
Low skies are a problem
Tho I know ayybodys
Got them
Let me get a bottle
Bet it been a motto
When I reach the top
Imma really hit the bottom
I'll take....
Track Name: Pain & Pleasure
Now girl
Do ya wanna BE
Or defeat my world
Put it on a beat
Cause I can't speak clurr
And I got a reason for ego
I realize I veto
More then I agree to
My morals are leaning
To keeping you mine
Coroners screaming this feeling
Will die
I don believe em
Its borderline breathing
I need her like air
Or like water when dry
I pour out my pride
A portion of pie
I don't mind sharing it
Nothing nefarious
Nothing is fair in this
Far from a fairy trip
Your so superior
I'm so embarrassing
Know dat
No gat
But you shoot me wit ya kodak
Cold cat
Come here kitty
Let use 8 of our 9 lives
Aided by fine wines
Trips to Barbados
To bathe in some mai Thais
My times
not wasted on it
Might fly
No plane involved in
How high we take it
Tangle with the landing later
Let's lay here
Looking at her lavish layout
Light layers
Lucky like lended god
A couple favors
Cop a couple grams
That got me like hey thurr
What I gotta say
To make us both share worlds?
Yeah girl....


I cause you pleasure
Somedays I cause you pain
We'll prolly fall forever
Curse it all in yo gods name

Somedays I call you treasure
Somedays I call you crazed
I hope we fall forever
I'd do it all again
I'm sitting wit a bottle
At the bar again
Thinkin bout ya body
In them bra and pant
All to natural
More than passable
Por favor can I have more of that
Ya know
All things need some moderation
Modesty ain't compensating
Confrontations complicated
Cockys how I cope
You da best way to change all dat
Imma bit thick headed
Wit a dick to match
I don't date fake titties
Cause the chick attached to em
Tip from a wise man
Pick the classy one
Pictures passing my mind slow
Pissed the past was so prideful
Could of been a better lover
Beneficial but I rather
Ruin everything I got eyes closed
Who am I to meddle
with the maestro
Women always tell me
It was my fault
Hard to blame em
That's honest language
That's hall of fame
For having hearts broke
Track Name: Talkin' All That Jive
Talking all that Jive
(Sing) I'll turn my ears off
Iduneeda hear it
Talking all that Jive
feel the need to say
Don't come around

Cut it out
Don't run ya mouth
Gotta walk the talk
No other route
I climb a lot
Kinda finding out
That ya can't be high
Without falling down

I'm on the ground
But I still be buzzin
Following me
Hope it leads to something
Hollaring please
Why is peace so subtle
I'm not on my knees
Don't believe
That's nothing but
(Talkin all that Jive)

I ain't close to that
Im appose to that
I'm talking truth
But I'm supposed to rap
Choosing clothes
Over grocery bags
Like choosing hoes
Over those that matter
Girls should rule
the whole globe
Or just an epiphany
Don't make no difference
Look who controls that power they

(Talkin all that Jive)
I'm simply sick of dat bullshit
My simple shit
Be my coolest
Don't overthink wins
You'll lose it
I over drink till I'm to sick
I'm over dranks
Gimme two spliffs
Plus none of that drama
Keep conscious of Karma
My kind is uncommon
That's cruel shit


Rollin round in my beater
Rollin up B+ weed
Y'all callin heater
What's a want and a need
A difference
I never wanted to see
What is commonly seen
Is a comedy scene
Imma vomit my knowledge
And roll to Anita
Had to drop out of college
To top what I thought
Was an obvious way
Not to teach ya
(Talkin all that jive)
Sick of yo kiddy fits
And that ridicule
I'm tryna find a way
to get better views
I'm like
Best ya do
Before ya
Death come through
Stressin the question what happens
To I
Settle for guessing
We're absent of why
Still I know nothing
Much more than assumptions
I'm morally functioned
To pass on advice
Cause they
(talking all that jive)

Settle down boy
Better bring voice
Speak what ya need
But accept a mans voice
Damn it's annoying
To toy with this buoyancy
Who stays afloat
And who drowns without loyalty
Round it
Surrounded by frowns
Like they royalty
Rowdy and proud
That I will live immortally
Bored of peeps
Track Name: Peace Or Police
Whoop, Whoop whoop x 2
That's the sound of the...
Police x 2
That's the sound of the police
There's no peace on these streets

Till we
Break it down over
beat breaks
And blatantly say
We ain't complacent
Quit complaining
It's raining pigs
No bacon
While training kids
That 18s
Old enough to go to war
and kill a man
But ain't old enough for drinkin'
Let that sink in...
Distinct tint on all my windows
District of "this ain't shit"
because we all been po'
Fin to make a change
Being cival isn't simple
But I'll always pick a challenge
Over channeling my nympho
To easy
Cash and lights
Distracting like two Ds be
To deeply
Innovating speech be
Of my kind
Don't need no admiration
Add the statement
"I wouldn't mind"
Now let's get back to breaking
Basic bitches blatantly away
I think that shit contagious
I ain't a saint
If anything
I'd be compared to satan
But faith is something
I ain't had since a teen
And a glance at a screen
Could leave ya screamin
Till ya lungs bleed
Hungry with these
drug feigns
Provided by your subtle ness
Government thinks its lovely
Lust for these cops
To drop dead
Or stop being
Dicks who dip
Or dictate
Level up saying!!!


I ain't a killa but don't push me
The way they treating ladies
Has me thinking
They hate pussy
I had to lay some PAC lines
In case it came off loosely
I'm a Lucy away
From a lucid dream with an Uzi
And truly losing it
Using sudenyms
To cover up their cruel intent
I'm cool to it
Like I know it
Not that I'm good with it
A foolish victim...
Used to be
School had lil' use to me
Except for ruining
My view
Of humans
As a crucial breed
Especially yo kind
As I see the way we treated
I bet we'd be mo' fine
Without ya help to beat us
A beacon of hope might
be y'all
being deleted
That's me dreaming
Let me get back to my meaning
I've been

keeping A couple of remedies
Under my mental
For when it gets enemies
And it be better to benefit
Stead of the one percent there
Of the centipede
I'm On a memory
Given by Malcolm
Any means needed
To Give to the outcome
Never defeated
That even when outgunned
Better to keep it 100
I bet that we
Half done
Not masking
My asking
Fuck. Question all
You look to you crystal ball
I look like ain't no mission small
My fist won't fall
I hold composure
Till it's over with the closure
Of decomposing aromas
Gross sir!!!
Track Name: We (Interlude)
My people
Drink and they smoke
And we dont live rich but ain't broke
And We isnt victims we holding
For something bigger than hopin
We ain't a billion no ones
We started building
To own it

So hold on x4
Track Name: Competition
I'm gonna get it
No need to say that I got it
I'm cocky wit competition
The confidence
Never copied
confidants call me Papi
compliments to ya noggin
I'm complicated to constantly
Callin ya crew a coffin
So screw you without a condom
True I was at the bottom
Now somewhere around the middle
Not stoppin until I topple
Talkin like you Mufasa
Move it
Its not su casa
Just making a new piccasso
And park it next to you fossils
Beg pardon for lack of flossin
Partly because its costly
Don't party unless its paid for
Is kinda like my new motto
kinda liking these modelsl
But rather have a real woman
No thots clouding my thinking
So take ya hands off my puddin
I'm puttin this more than lightly
So mortals can
Morph to mighty
My Talking is fortifying
Recorded the way i write it
Righteous ain't always blinding
But by god
It's dividing
can't buy god
but you trying
Let bygone give you Zion
To tackle titans
Two types to this trap
The title takes
Time, triumph and tribulation
Truly a tiny trait
I kinda find escape in writing lines
Fighting fate
Fertilize my frame of mind
Fine to find the final phase
I'll play the pilot
Pioneer who provided
For the people in a time of need
Speaking to keep us climbing
Hahaha.... I got more tho
I got more

My momma raised me to
Basically be a King
Not ruler of of the people
But ruler of my within
Its true at the beginning
Was doo doo wit every written
Now humans think I do voodoo
Cause rumors
Spread like my dick did
Dipped in to dictate
Homage to veterans
Besides them
Ya 510 on a scale a million
Properly unapologetic to every citizen
Spittin like this ain't a competition
What you think this is?
Really couldn't find no synthesis
Inside these sentences
Everybody wanna ride the dick
And reap the benefits
But if I'd let em
Would of wound up wit like
20 kids
Tenant to a shitty crib
Veteran to better lived
If ye ain't tryna be the best
What is you working for
I ain't gone try believing
"Blessed" is any burdens cure
You either burn or soar
Well... Yeah there's inbetween
But never settle for that mediocre
Bidness scheme
Most people into green
Admit I'm in it to
But some'll love it
To many
That feelings minuscule
Sometimes I hate it
Wanna focus on taking
My lyrics to another level
Called Constantly elevating
Confidence devastating to most
They call it who ego
Consequence don't hold me
From goals or what I need tho..

(Seriously I got plenty bars)

I think I'm happiest writing
So keep yo gats and yo violence
Down to an accurate silence
I'm only back as ya pilot
Cause no one imagined or higher
Id never preach to the choir
But put these beats in the prior
I bet they'd call em classics
I put my paws on passive
I never liked it tho
I put a pause on that shit
started nice and slow
I got a broad
A bad chick
Tells me
That shit dope
And that's the confidence I need
To attract the globe
A tad bit tacky
Used to be
But changed all dat
That token blacky
If ever need my wages stacked
I'm on these back streets
trying not to say som'n whack
To fools who pack heat
Cause they know
I don't play dat jack
I ain't a pacifist
But never packed no clips
I skipped class
To kick raps wit ratchet kids
I'm on my Rambo
meets Mandelas Ramble
With Malcolm mixed in the middle
Within it what's the outcome
Countless remarkable albums
When I'm half done
Crowds give me nothin
But clout
To get off cloud 1
Cowards wanna drag you down
Whenever drowning
Doubt there's something better
Then now
It's to outstouding
Stand on ya own two
dare to make the wrong move
Dairyer is everywhere
Don't let it all control you...

Dope Beat Outro maaaane
Track Name: Anti
Grew up
Knowin my norm was
A nomad
Knowing that "sure"
Was an old fad
Jottin down notes
without no pad
Like hold dat
Before rap
Was sure they'd
gimme a toe tag
Before I was
20 years old that
Mentality of a young black man
Wrong program
Change the channel please
Even if we break the cable box
Ain't preaching the type of green
That equals stable stocks
People rarely say what they mean
But mean to say a lot
Speaking all that blahzay blah
As if they paid to talk
Paper ain't the demon
Thats deemed by that way you use it
Patience ain't as easy
As waiting until you losing
I'm breaking away from human
My maker was played by Cupid
Ain't mad at my ma and dad
If the baggage handlings coolin?

I'm an African King
Or so they told me
Used to think the flashiest thaaang
Was rockin gold teeth
Now I feel the flashiest thaaang
Is helping homie
How the Hell
You gon believe in HELL
With zero proof to show me. Phony!!

This is anti Holocaust
Anti Molotov
Anti- treatin us like ants I
Wanna talk
Finger to the sky
For that lie
That You call a god
I'm one to call it odd
All from big to small facades

Versace, versace, versace,
Do not give a fuck bout chu Natzis
I'm not wearing Nike
Cause slavery
Not into favoring
Profit so costly
I wish we were more like the Cosbys
Instead we act more like some Ozzys
The ones the TV screen
Screaming at motherfuckers
Like they have no conscious
That's why I'm more cautious
With Content
you prolly caught on
I'm not content
With any damn part of this nonsense
Constantly flooding
My Karma with conflict
Yo mouth might look better on
my Dick
Instead of left open and wide
Hoping that I don't move
Closer to dying
By speaking on those
That get dough from us rioting
So that goes for CNN
CBS News
Why we feeding them?!
They don't deserve Mickey Ds
From me
Let alone decency
With how they choose to use
TV cams
You either get beat
Or you be the man
Id rather be real
Than be Peter Pan
I only rely on my Nina
But other than she
I don't need no more people hands
I'm out on my Viva
De loco
But locally known as a leader
Broke isn't me
richer than most
But I'm talkin bout soul over salary
Far from the needy
Started from nothing
But now I got something to show for that treaty
Momma was smart
"nothing's that easy"
Its gonna be hard if its suttin' worth keepin
Track Name: Only Fear Is Failure
When I look into the mirror
Fuck my only fear is failure
I've been in it
for some years now
It ain't getting any fairer
So farewell
Until I'm Pharaoh
I'm ferrel with every fellow
Drop records instead felonies
Future full of no peril
Paralyzed by a pair a dimes
In a paradox
Which one do I choose
Or do I let them share my cock
Care to copy me
You'd barely pass wit a GED
Visa vi
you'd never put no money down
Black entertainer talking
Attacking to take the totem
My pappy told me Imma get it
Now I'm afraid I got it
My Conscious
can't fit inside of my head
Wit this ego talking
Your bout as fly as pheasants
And you sound like an eagle squawking
I'm joking
You rappers take shit way to serious
They say its all a game
It's like you can't play period
Wanna down paid pyramid
And a party at my funeral
hopefully we'll get
Tupac to play
And all my crew will go

Last night
I had a dream
was standing on a stage
People calling me King
Said hold up
Wait a minute
I don't really
go for titles like that
I'm the type
To reach the top
And try to bring right back like

Yeah I'm goin in deep
Yeah I'm going in
Listen up

I'm hard to follow
Window seats on Apollo
Apologizing to no man
I know dat can cause a prollem
Pockets full to the bottom
Is all I was ever wanting
Now everything's a bit different
Pick progress over some flossin
Fucking hate having bosses
Not contemplating the option
I'm positive I pay better
My benefits cover condoms
Condominium chronic
And everything just for coming
Out to shows
Rocking flows
And doing it wit no caution
Call it
Conceded cocky
If needed
Completely caught in his ego
Comfortably not pleasing people
Probably processed as evil
What the fuck is confidence
If using its a consequence?
Common sense
Should never set a limit
On self compliments
Complicated since my B Day
You best to refrain
From giving me anything
But the compensation
All Pre-paid
Peep game
This verse in PJs
Just wait till I get it in a Tux
As far as your opinion goes
I'm simply out of giving fucks
Track Name: Roll Wit' Me
There you are
In the Jar where I left you
Can't go far
But to mars
Or to Neptune
Is only just a step away
At least mentallay
No preparation
To separate essentially
On a mental plane
And I don't know when
I'll be back again
All goes slomo
Then goes fast again
Bathroom stalls
With glass to pack it in
Goes the sound of the BIC
Bowl don't light
Till there's fire
In the bitch
Like an angry ass chick
Who's a fighter with a kick
Got cha ass handed to ya
Cause ya tried to hit it quick
Least chu though you was
Such sweet talk
Once I caught a buzz
A cop
went and passed me by
That I thought none of
I've got an everlasting high
I think most call LOVE
It's Like

Might seem smooth like Jodeci
But my worlds fucked up
I cope believin'
My souls
Better you'll roll with me

Tryna move somewhere
Where the trees are legal
Living no rules
Like I'm Steven Seagal
With seagulls
Step onto the beach
When we home
that's Dreams all
Put into a speech
ears eat those
My whole
plans complete yo
My ego
Is either obsolete
or peaked so..
I leave home
Without a damn bit of hesitance
For what the world holds
When stepping out my residence
I know the worlds going crazy over presidents
My girl is going crazy
Over petty shit
And I'm already
Close to be in my element
Mixing fire with the earth
Closer to where heaven is
If I ever did
believe in that
I think the closest that I got
Was with some trees attached
I breathe deep
Call my shallow side
A sea
No map
not interested in direction
'less there's green on the path
It's like

Track Name: Stack My Money
Stack my money x 4
Hi ho hi ho
It's off to work we go
Overtime Iiiiii!!!!

I stack my money
Black type money
act Doug funny
Or get smacked
Some ugly
I rap 400
Times badder than you wanted
Does it
suck to watch me succeed?
Tell me when I'm blunted
Percentage above a hundred
Resenting what I ain't done yet
Coming down like sunsets
Is nothing want yet
Mom said
I'd be the greatest thing
That ever lived
Always thought you'd see the day
But passed to quick
And never did
Most these rappers selling fibs
Stead of what really is
Tell you what the difference is
When writing wrongs in scribbled pen
Sick of all the Ridilann
Attention to addiction and
You just made yourself
The governments new middle man
Think the shit just hit the fan
Well turn the AC off
Place was way
to cool for me anyways
I can't fake with challl
Slick like how the Lakers Ball
Anita baker y'all
Take the cake
And ate it all
Amazing that I stay so small!!

stack my money
trapped by money
backed by a money
So I'm back
Bigger then
You've ever seen
Better than I've ever been
Puffin on some evergreen
Forest fire everything
Hairs on my chinny chin
Said we finna win
Where mothafucka
Where's all your pretty
Women friends
Liqour pools we swimming in
Strip down to ya linen then
Everything feels better
In ya birthday get up man
Get I ain't veteran
Heard it
Said it
Get it man
Thought if I repeat it
Be easier
When it settled in
I ain't distressed
Like damsels
In a little Jam
Jelly doesn't shake like that girl
You should tell a friend
Catch us on a money high
Caterpills to butterfly's
Back refined and fortified
Rap until I'm 45
Then ill quit!!
Cause old people should rap!
The industries a bitch
Turning doggs into a puddycat
Track Name: Write My Wrongs
I always try to right
It helps to right all my wrongs

It ain't Lyin to say I've
thought about suicide
Though I know that we're dying
Wether you choose ya time
Boozing as a medication
Cruising at an elevation
Higher than your average
But lower
Than my expectations
Best have patience
Cause they say that life is short
But plays like an eternity
Determining the score
Who's winning?
Who's defeated?
Who's the privileged?
Who's beneath it?
Doesn't matter when ya 6 ft deep
Or nothings decent
Leave the demons
And the preaching
To the books
And other fiction
Are so inconsiderate
Till there's friction
Then sit still
wit the thick skin
No big deal
When the biz ends
I been building
My hands filthy
I can't tell
Where my friends went
Gin drinks
Till I pass out
Throwing bricks
at my glass house
Need a fast route
To a cash cow
My cab driver
gotta ask how...
some shit I never knew
Always been about the record
over revenue


First time I wrote a song
Felt like my soul could speak
And it still ain't lost its luster
In consoling me
Shits changed since 15
Only thing the same is these 16s
I've been to blame
For no pristine
Conditions to live in
It just seems
Adjust scenes
I'll judge me
When the mood is right
My ugly side
Is only proof
I use a human mind
So who can find me
Any person
Close to perfect
Gross as earth is
Time is cheap
But I still Keep my receipt of purchase
Watch these birds all peep from perches
Like a peeking pervert
Please convert
All your attention
To the way the words work

Till we ain't bout murder

And its more bout mergers

But they don't hear murmurs

So I'm more concerned
With if they done heard us

I look at my burdens
Break it down and burn one
No man can be eternal
turns out
We read the terms wrong
I turn my stereo on
Then Let the words come
Speak on everything
Ive deserved, loved or learned from.
Track Name: Home
It could be Egypt
Or It could be Rome
The tower of Pisa
Or Sierra Leone

but nothing better than home x 4

Home is where I leave my Nina
My best weed connect
Since Pasadena
I pass a scene
That seems
The other side is greener
I don't believe it
Have you seen the grass we grow
Its cleaner
I'm keen to keeping
My legal shit down to misdemeanors
Mix the scene up
On the regular
But can't forget when leaving
I'm weaving
Through backstreets
That I've never seen
out in Palestine
Then we traveling
euros out in Europe
Eating authentic Gyros
So good
I made it plural
I pour a little bit of absinthe
That's altering my accent
It's only been a half minute
Holy shit
I'll pass
fore I pass out
Back on a black cloud
Flying 10,000 meters high
Like how I act now
Finding arousing features
Smiling from by the background
Follow that now
But tomorrow it's all sianara
That's how


It's just me and my sampsonite
That's all I got planned tonight babe

Thank you
And gracious
After dat
I'm basically tapped out of my languages
Tactile for advantages
Attractive vantages
And lavish plans
To elaborate
The lands I list
As like a second home
My life's a metronome
Constantly moving
A common continent user
I call it
I got a fever
For sailing over the seven seas
I swore id never leave
But now I'm back on the coast
But that's the coast of Brazil
I'm riding coach
On a boat
Cause I ain't broke
But got bills
My homies know we gon' smoke
So we roll to the red light
In Amsterdam
After dat
Go to bed
Like we dead right
Is it wrong?
Buy my ticket
Get on
Find a chick then get off
That don't make me forget home
(A lil bit tho haha...)
I think its less about the place
That makes home special
And more about the people
That you can place around your vessel
Ya know